Public Sociology

Blog contributions:

Nada es Gratis: “La fuga de mujeres de ocupaciones masculinas: una explicación dinámica de la segregación ocupacional“.

The Social Observatory (LaCaixa): “Imbalances between worked hours and desired hours among the younger population. An analysis of their evolution in Spain, 2005-2018″.

The Social Observatory (LaCaixa): “Why there are fewer women in manual occupations?“.

Piedras de Papel ( “Covid-19: empleo y ocupaciones en riesgo“.

Gender & Society blog: “Women in blue: why does segregation persist in low-status occupations?“.

LSE Business Review: “The flip side of segregation: men in typically female jobs”.

Work in Progress (ASA): “Men’s entry and exit from female-dominated occupations”.

Gender and Society blog: “We don’t leave, they kick us out: women’s exit from male-dominated occupations

Piedras de Papel ( “En el mercado laboral, lo femenino no está de moda”.

Article summaries:

Monthly Labor Review (Bureau of Labor Statistics): “Working off the beaten path: Men in traditionally female jobs